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  • Mondo Metal 28 June 2015

    Incredible and intoxicating, strong elegance that reflects a very different and refined sound . . . touching the peak of its perfection when classical music inserted in a modern context is the host.

    With ENRAPTURED, Crimson Chrysalis gives us rare emotions that resonate without hesitation. Secure attention to detail in a stellar production, effective in every direction, leaving the listener caught in the lyrics and melodies that never drop in tone right to the end.

    It’s really hard to describe every song contained in this work – some expresses Symphonic Metal (although some might prefer to call it rock), some more choral and opera, but with this album you really understand how important the experience and conscious art of creating music is, how it expresses a real and true passion.

    The name of Rene van den Berg is synonymous with elegance and perfection. She’s a vocalist with incredible technique and tone that you know diversify from the crowd with great creativity, and also with this new work CC managed to fit in a Symphonic sound an unexpected electronic refinement that gives it a very strong and wide impact.

    The electronic elements are felt already in the album opener “Soul Stalker”, a Rene spectacular, displaying both subtle and strong in the most intense way.

    In “Sacred Vow” is enclosed all the perfection of Rene as a singer, and also displays the roots of the band’s sound: sweet, emotive and passionate, enriched by a beautiful and lively arrangement with a piano that serves as the master. The final part of the song expands to a crescendo enhancing the performance of the whole band.

    Burning Fire with Fire” touches again the paths of Symphonic Rock. It is a continuous succession of well chosen melodies and riffs that never stop, even between verse and chorus; then it changes into a more modern approach. The track also gives the track listing a great sense of balance, and makes the listener understand how wide the musical vision of these musicians is.

    Unexpected is “Elegy”, bilingual track that sees the collaboration of Andrea Casanova (Rainover): deep and warm, accompanied by orchestrations this time much in the foreground – perhaps one of the most epic songs of the album.

    They touch the heights of perfection with “Fear”, four minutes of pure and compelling beauty of sound. There is nothing out of place, from solos to an immediate chorus, to the riff and a plan which beautifies the nuances.

    Also there is “The Raven”, which differs compared to other tracks in its uniquely varied line, starting already from an intro that deceives the appearance itself of the song . Almost touching on “Industrial” in some places, it evolves with choirs into an epic film score.

    The final track is a totally successful CC rendition of the Alice Cooper hit, “Enraptured. ”, and probably (for this writer) one of the best ever heard. It is executed in a more symphonic, orchestral way with Rene’s thrilling voice in the foreground, always impeccable, and the orchestration really on level remarkable!

    I could write lots about all of the tracks on the album, but the words, in the case of this album, ENRAPTURED, will never be sufficient. An over the top album that confirms the immense talent of Crimson Chrysalis that produced something. . . how to say . . . perfect?

    YES ! Recommended for gourmets!

  • Weblink 28 June 2015 Gianluca “Tobias-RocketTobi” 9/10
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