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  • Power Play - Rock & Metal Magazine January 2016

    Soul Stalker’, which opens up ‘Enraptured’ contains a sizable amount of sound effects and electronica to get everything moving before the song starts properly. The underlying almost industrial keyboard sound and fx are maintained and the end result, when combined with Rene van den Berg’s sumptuous voice delivers one of my favourite albums this month.
    Surrender’ with it’s almost marching band sound would be as at home on Broadway as it would on a festival stage in front of thousands of metal heads. The song structure and delivery leave the track firmly embedded in the mind. The band paint a picture that could contain flamenco dancers and matadors such is the passion and timing of the song. Van den Berg’s voice carries just the right amount of sensuality and huskiness to make this a major highlight of the album.
    Elegy’ maintains the momentum of the first two songs and again the structure changes somewhat with added strings now presenting a new direction and feel. Above all however, van den Berg’s voice makes the song unique and is once more used to take us into another story dripping with implied visuals and a wealth of emotions. This is the sort of track that could be played to a crowd of thousands on a cold winter’s night in the middle of a city centre plaza.
    Of course, the delivery alone is not enough to paint a picture. The content comes as well from the lyrics and credit must therefore also go to Esther Slabbert with whom Rene collaborates on this album. The end result is so rich with content it could easily compete with Phantom of the Opera for grandeur and content and also stand shoulder to shoulder with Nightwish at a metal festival.
    Something for everyone and a true hidden gem that deserves discovering.

  • Weblink 25 January, 2016 Adrian Hextall 9/10 Rating

  • SONIC CATHEDRAL 20 June 2015

    One of the things you often fear with a second release is that it won’t live up to the first. You get that a lot for a variety of reasons. Bands often put a lot of time and effort into the first release, if it meets with positive responses, they’re pressured into cranking out a quick second to take advantage of the first, often with disappointing results. Well, that didn’t happen here. I loved the ...

  • Weblink 20 June 2015 Doctor T 10/10 Rating
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  • RavenHeart 21 July 2015

    This has to be one of the best albums of this type of music (Symphonic Rock) that one will listen to this year, and any other year come to think of it. Crimson Chrysalis is led by the captivating and incredible vocals of South African lass Rene van den Berg. And this album it has to be said is near perfection in every sense of the word. Without further ado, let us ...

  • Weblink 21 July 2015 Dave 9/10 Rating
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  • Mondometal October 2015

    Incredible and intoxicating, strong elegance that reflects a very different and refined sound. . . touching the peak of its perfection when classical music inserted in a modern context is the host. With 'Enraptured', Crimson Chrysalis gives us rare emotions that resonate without hesitation. Secure attention to detail in a stellar production, effective in every direction, leaving the listener caught in the lyrics and melodies that ...

  • Weblink 28 June 2015 Gianluca 9/10 Rating
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  • The Rocker October 2015

    Album number two from South African symphonic metallers Crimson Chrysalis and, my, but it’s a good one.
    I’m a sucker for bombast, and when it’s allied to some pop melodies and dark moods, then so much the better. And leading lady Rene van den Berg and her cohorts certainly know how to pull off a melancholic mood. Right from the opening ‘Soul Stalker’ you can tell you’re going to be in vintage territory, and the mix of keyboards and guitars throughout the album works just perfectly. ‘Sacred Vow’ is my favourite by far, a song that matches anything the masters (and mistresses) of the genre have managed to achieve.
    There are a couple of guest vocal slots, and when ‘Elegy’, featuring Andrea Casanova and ‘Burning Fire With Fire’ with Jessica Mercy arrive, it actually moves things even further up the league table of quality. This is essential listening for fans of symphonic metal.

  • Weblink 25 August, 2015 Stuart A Hamilton Rating

  • Fireworks Magazine 72 October 2015

    Symphonic Rock has grown over the years to become a major force in the Rock world with the likes of Nightwish and Within Temptation blazing a trail along with Epica and their ilk not far behind.

    It's fair to say that the bulk of the Symphonic bands tend to hail from Europe and Scandinavia (in particular) however, Crimson Chrysalis from South Africa look to break that stranglehold with their second album 'Enraptured'. Built around the powerful, expressive and rich voice of Rene van den Berg, CC offer something just a touch different to the usual Symphonic Rock band.

  • Weblink October 2015 Mick Burgess Rating
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  • SKOPEMAG 12 August 2015

    In their short time together as a band, South Africa’s Crimson Chrysalis has earned a reputation as some of the best new purveyors of art rock working today. Their sophomore album Enraptured features eleven songs primarily in the art rock vein, but Chrysalis show inclinations for branching out unexpectedly. The five musicians and vocalist share a common gift for creating and enhancing superbly atmospheric musical performances, but the eleven songs amply show their fluency and fearlessness. The album is smartly produced, clocks in at a reasonable length, and has strong sequencing. Instead of falling prey to producing merely a collection of songs, Crimson Chrysalis has produced a unified, yet non-conceptual, work.

    It kicks off with the menacing stomp of “Soul Stalker”. Lead singer Rene van den Berg inhabits the song wraith-like, her voice providing ...

  • Weblink 11 August 2015 Lance Wright 4/5 Stars
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  • Band Blurb 11 August 2015

    Soaring symphonic rock with a baroque atmosphere and metal stylings is the order of the day from South Africa’s Crimson Chrysalis. Fronted by the climactic, powerhouse vocals of Rene van den Berg; the music ranges from sweeping operatic passages with heavy guitar riffs and orchestral arrangements holding court from a lofty position in the sky. If Lacuna Coil would have kept their original classical style mixed with metal (minus the growled male vocals), then they might have ended up in this ballpark, which isn’t a bad place to be.

    On Enraptured, the project radiates a worldly power that transcends genre for something truly special. An Evanescence clone this isn’t. “Soul Stalker” opens up hard with pounding keyboards, a rumbling bass presence, thundering drums and metal guitars dancing in tandem with the somber synth melodies. At the center of the tempest ...

  • Weblink 11 August 2015 Jay Snyder 9/10 Rating
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  • All Whats Rock 11 August 2015

    South African six piece Crimson Chrysalis have followed up the success and critical notice their debut received with an eleven-song follow up titled Enraptured. Like the tracks heart on the band’s debut, vocalist Rene van den Berg and the band’s stylish brand of symphonic rock are the defining elements on the new release. It’s interesting how the band has such a spacious and fully realized sound despite a plethora of members. It might be the wont of modern listeners to categorize Crimson Chrysalis as goth or even, God forbid, an emo pop-rock outfit. Such labels help indexing it in a catalog but mean nothing to the music. Crimson Chrysalis’ Enraptured is sophisticated popular music incorporating a variety of musical approaches and voices.

    The imagery is certainly in a darker key than “boy meets girl and finds love”. van den Berg’s velvety tone and shimmering piano runs illuminate the opener “Soul Stalker”. There’s a disarming melancholy in the music that never overwhelms the listener but, instead, weaves evocative atmospherics. Symphonic rock is merely a convenient tag; in the end, these tracks stand out for the sensitivity of their treatment rather than notions of ...

  • Weblink 11 August 2015 Jason Hillenburg 8/10 Rating
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  • Gas House Radio 11 August 2015

    The haunting strains of Crimson Chrysalis’ music have a decidedly theatrical and cinematic air, as if they are budding soundtracks for an epic production, but they are likewise sophisticated musical excursions and contain loads of evidence that the band, at heart, are storytellers. Perhaps their storytelling style isn’t entirely conventional. However, listening with an open mind to Enraptured clearly reveals a band capable of suggesting more and reaching deeper with their orchestrated approach to music-making than dozens of other bands. Enraptured is a fully realized work on multiple levels.

    Enraptured opens in darkness. “Soul Stalker” shows the band exploring the darker side of human nature and the track goes far towards defining and embodying the aforementioned approach. Crimson Chrysalis, with a minimum amount of effort, turns a relatively middle of the road song into a full-on musical threat that starts the album off on a note of dread. “Surrender” is a half-ballad cast in a much more seductive mold ...

  • Weblink 11 August 2015 Cyrus 8/10 Rating
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  • Music Existence 11 August 2015

    There is no doubting the bewildering, dazzling quality of Crimson Chrysalis. They are a kindred spirit to Nightwish and several other bands that merge graceful atmospheric ambience into bludgeoning, theatrical metal abandon that satiates a very diverse listening palette. Quite simply, this group doesn’t sound much like their contemporaries because the spread influences covers a lot more ground than similar minded artists. Helmed by the towering, crystalline caterwaul of lead vocalist Rene van den Berg, you will find that sounds on this record shift and change places more than a mirage deep in the desert.

    From ballads to film scores to lushly choreographed metal, it becomes quickly difficult to nail down the style. The album has no shortage of tunes which features majestic, beefy guitars doing head-to-head battle with the type of careful work Mozart peddled in his prime. It only takes on quick listen of opener “Soul Stalker” to hear the message loud and clear. In fact the introductory trio ...

  • Weblink 11 August 2015 Jason Hillenburg 8/10 Rating
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